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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Were Webco Float Bowl Extensions Made for 689 Amals or Just 389's?

I have a dilemma with my amal float bowl extension on the right side 689 carb. As you can see from this view, the holes are identically located in both extensions which appears correct.

Now look at the little post sticking up to the left on the bottom hole on both float extensions. These posts are supposed to contact the float needle and are positioned correctly for the Amal 389 (left) and everything is working fine on the left side.

Now imagine these extensions are on the both carbs as the squared areas lining up the screw holes should be in the same position on each side (for the mirror image cabs). You can see the squared post on the left side in the proper position at around 9 o'clock, but the post on the right side is at 5 o'clock instead of at 3' o'clock to contact the float needle. My real question is did AMAL make these type of float extensions solely for 389's or were they also manufactured for 689's? If there is a 689 verison I would love to get my hands on one!

In this picture the pen is pointing to the float needle which has to line up with the post on extension. I've been having leakage out the bottom of the carb where the extension is bolted to the float chamber and also the tickler will get stuck and gas just pours out.

Here are a couple of better monobloc sections, one with an exploded view showing the float needle and the other looking straight on at the float chamber. If anyone knows if Webco made an extension for a right hander 689 and would be willing to sell it that would be awesome!


Show and Go Cycle Shop said...

Hey Stretch - Great write up. I had always wanted to do the Webco bowl extensions on a 689/389 set, but just haven't got there yet so I didn't know about this problem until I read your post. I looked in my old Webco catalogs from the late 60s and early 70s and they only list the one bowl extension, so I really don't think they ever made a 689 version. The other types of bowl extenders made by MCA and others had a smaller capacity and a raised ring going all the way round so that the float pin would contact them no matter how they were mounted.

Stretch said...

Paul - Thanks for the information as I greatly appreciate it and don't have a Webco catalog myself so thanks for checking!

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