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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Case for Shock Value or Just Plain Bad Taste?

I'm no fan of the iron cross, swastika, and/or ss insignias, etc. but thought this little blurb was interesting from the January 1967 Esquire Magazine. If you must, shock at your own risk!


inane said...

But if you look at the history behind them you'll see that the swastika and iron cross were both around before Hitler adopted them. Arguably the SS is the only one that's truly Nazi.

Geoff said...

In the east isn't the swastika symbol a symbol of good luck?
Either way that funny little man with that bad comb over spoiled it for everyone. :/

CycleDelicCycles said...

American plains Indians used the swastika (then called a "whirling logs" symbol)as a sign of the four directions; north-south-east will see it commonly on textiles and pottery from the turn of the century until approx. the 1930's.

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