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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Richie @ the Cycle-Go-Round!

I got an email today from Richard who had seen a previous post with a similar Cycle inspired Merry-go-Round and he sent this picture with the following history:

The minute I saw that photo I knew exactly what ride that was.
As a kid, it was a definite favorite (go figure) and I knew I had at least one picture of it somewhere that, strictly by accident (no one in my family is a very good photographer) had a decent shot of the bike.
Well...this past weekend I had visited my folks & sure it is.
I'd been on this ride a lot as a kid as it seemed to be a "Regular Attraction" at the local fairs and carnivals here in Massachusetts.
This photo has got to be (I'm guessing here) from 1976, or maybe 1977 & I know for sure it was taken at the now long gone Weymouth Fairgrounds.

Thanks to Richard for sending this awesome picture and taking the Nostalgia audience on a stroll through memory lane! To see the photo from the earlier post click on the link:

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