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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wild Bars


MUERTE H.C. said...

Dig em man but what's the history on it?

Doesn't seem like on that bike someone would do it "just cuz it's cool this season"

MUERTE H.C. said...

I dig but why? what's the purpose...doesn't seem like that kind of bike would have bars like that "just cuz their cool"....any history Stretch?

Stretch said...

Muerte - Here's what it says, "Dynabars handlebars incorporate adjustment capabilities that cover the spectrum of handlebar types and styles: from minor changes to fit the exact size and tastes of every rider to the extreme changes required by the different riding requirements, according to the manufacturer. Changes can be accomplished quickly and easily. Positive engagement locking teeth prevent slipping and indicator marks ensure accuracy and ease of repeating positions. Bars also ave other unique features such as an anti-theft provision." I guess they're adjustable. I just thought they looked odd and cool!

Geoff said...

Looks like a lazy rider, wanted to set it up so his arm wouldn't get too tired keeping the throttle open?

I've often had the silly idea of putting a throttle mechanism on the petrol tank, perhaps something I could lock in place so I could free my arms up for sandwich eating, or the newspaper. :P

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