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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bell Custom 500 - Revisited

A huge thanks goes out to Bell Helmets for sending me this neat 500 Custom helmet. I was really surprised that it fits very nicely and isn't huge, like the Davida 3/4 helmets. The quilted lining is super cool. I'm comparing the Medium size with a 1962 Buco Helmet for those of you are interested. Here's a link to some detailed photos of each of the different helmet colorways available! The helmets are very affordably priced at around $120.00 for the standard colors and $140.00 for the custom designs as available here among other places!


Adam Nickel said...

thanks for the comparison shots, Im surprised, the helmet looks really good!

thanks for the mention of the tanks too by the way

VonSontag said...

Is it a repop or an old one they sent you ?

Stretch said...

The helmet is a brand new and is available here:

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