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Monday, May 17, 2010

Thrashin' Pressbook Photos & Song List! - 1986

I picked up this Thrashin' presskit on Ebay with photos and some history on some actors in the movie. Thrashin' is one of my all time favorite films, probably in my top ten, as it takes me back to my childhood. Anyhow, I always loved the soundtrack and as you probably know it was never available for purchase. In the pressbook are a listing of songs used in the movie and you're welcome to compile your own soundtrack based on the tunes listed here. I think I might try to do that myself!


Oliver said...

WOW also in my top 5 movies of all times. just looking at the pictures you can recite the lines from the movie. nice find.

jimmy the pick said...


boosta said...

DAGGERS ARE GONNA RULE THE LA MASSACRE! one of my all time faves as well. thanks for posting the soundtrack. my old band once played at a punk house in tacoma that looked just like the daggers' house. kids were railsliding on the tail gate of a truck parked on the lawn next to the driveway.

Ha-milton said...

Staring down the demons is the perfect 80's song- Montage beat, shit vocals, high gain guitar solo. Its perfect, just like me. Thanks

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