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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More 1977 Skateboard World Mag Photos


"LOUIE" said...

I'd go watch my brother skake at skatercross back in the day. I was to young and to nervous to skate with all the older kids. I'd just sit back and watch. If you ever get a chance to meet Tony Alva ask him about Jyro George from Skatercross...The dude was a trip. Cool Pics. 77 was a great year.Everything from the Music to the girls wearing rainbow socks up to their knees...The whole scene was rad.

Jahluv said...

I had a pair of those Rector gloves...

Will K Shilling said...

Check out our in utero project to collect the definitive multimedia museum of SKATEBOARD WORLD, the TORRANCE, CA skate park. All oral, digital, print and visual materials are now being solicited as posts and submissions to the Facebook Group (temporarily), with formal organization as a not-for-profity community group as long term goal.

Will K. Shilling, project director-

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