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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twilight Zone - Black Leather Jackets - 01/31/64

"Three strangers arrive in a small town, three men in black leather jackets in an empty rented house. We'll call them Steve and Scott and Fred, but their names are not important, as these three men (space invaders) on motorcycles (panheads) lead us into the Twilight Zone." Thanks to Dennis for helping me to remember this episode. (I only added the clip for the first half as I believe the bikes were only shown in the beginning but I could be wrong.)


KNUCKLE BUSTER 1939 said...

Amazing the day before you posted this I was explaining this episode to a friend. I have loved those three bikes since I was a kid.

Stretch said...

Knuck - This past Christmas I bought the complete Twilight Zone dvd box set for my girlfriend and we've been watching the episodes on the weekend. I think the "Black Leather Jackets" one may be the only Twilight episode involving bikes but I'll see if cycles show up in any of the other episodes and post accordingly!

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