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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Late 60's / Early 70's Stag Magazine Biker Images


max schaaf said...

hey man just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine that just got his first triumph and was looking for inspiration told me about this "insane" blog he found. the more he went on about the more i realized it was yours.... i asked was it called
-nostalgia on wheels-?
he said..... YEAH that's it!!
pretty cool. hope all is well. max

Stretch said...

Max - Thanks for the kind words about the blog and I'm glad your friend was able to find some inspiration here. I know you were one of the pioneers of the M/C blog and my vision was to put out as many old custom pictures or informative tidbits that I could find to help inspire people about their cycle creations. As far a Triumphs go I really think your friend needs to see Paul's Show & Go blog as he is very meticulous about his posts, as you well know, and Show & Go is the best blog out there for the triumph enthusiast!

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