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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whatever Happened to Vern's Triumph?

A couple days ago I received this August 1986 Easyrider cover scan from Mark B. up north. I've posted images of this mindblowing pre-unit before (see shots below circa 1968 or so) but have never had such a nice scan of the cover. Anyhow, this is my favorite pre-unit and love the skinny look of the bike and its the first triumph custom I'm aware of using the Harley Peashooter Springer Front End. You can see how Mark Drews paid tribute to this bike up front on his "Solitary Confinement" pre-unit (see previous post) and I went for the hillclimber look using the same forks on the "Slow Poke." If anybody knows the whereabouts of this bike or has any recent pictures please feel free to share! (The last three pictures were taken by Frank Kaisler and come from a post on Frank "The Real Deal" Kaisler on Chopcult.)


RGSDAVE said...

I have this issue and under one of the pictures, it states, "Triumph courtesy of American Auto Racing Museum, Santa Paula, CA", but this was 1986. There is no other mention of the bike in the article.

Stretch said...

Dave - Thats a great point as I have that article as well but did not read that caption. I searched for that Auto Racing Museum online but didn't get any hits so it may be closed. Its unfortunate that the Easy Riders article is pretty worthless as far as information goes. The earlier Roth's Choppers Magazine article from May '68 had some better information but Easyriders and Choppers are the only two articles I'm aware of on this bike.

Stretch said...

I received an email today from Ryan who located the following information about the museum: "Incorporated by Joseph Conrad Henning, American Auto Racing Museum is located at 800 S Flower St Burbank, CA 91502. American Auto Racing Museum was incorporated on Tuesday, April 17, 1984 in the State of CA and is currently active. Joseph Conrad Henning represents American Auto Racing Museum as their registered agent." It does not appear the museum is still active though and Santa Paula and Burbank are in totally different areas. Again, anyone with more information please feel free to share!

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