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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NOS 1980's Pirate Print Vans Sneakers

I remember the old yellow and black hi-top version of this design was my favorite. The old vans were actually made in the USA and not China like the ones nowadays. (All photos from Ebay)


boosta said...

When I lived in the mid-hudson valley of New York, there was a complex of outlet stores and Vans had an outlet there. They had a large inventory of nos shoes from back when they were made in the states. I bought quite a few and wore them until they were little more than dust and laces. The soles of the those US shoes were like clouds.

swampy said...

i remember custom ordering vans in the early 90's from a surf shop in town. it took 90 days but thats when they were hand made. the old vans were so much better than now. i still have that pair that i custom ordered.

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