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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

John Banks' Face Mask = Cobra?

I picked up this face mask last Saturday at the local swapmeet. I'm guessing its of 1970s vintage but I'm not sure as it might be early 80s. I was showing it to Scotty of CZ and he likened it to an Iron Jaw which I've seen before in pictures and it looks pretty similar in shape and appearance. Personally, I think it makes a great likeness to the 1982 Cobra action figure if you want to go for that "Citizens-of-Cobra-La" look if you know what I mean, especially if you plan on adapting it to fit your German helmet!


Thee Cormans said...

Freddy Boom Boom Cannon shirt? Super gnar!

Stretch said...

You nailed it!

locOleoN said...

This is where your mask ended up:

The Old Fart said...

Definitely 1970's vintage. Ask the guy who owned one.

I used K-Mart automotive pin-striping tape to add in the other 1970's icon, the smiley face.

I happened to be googling for "John Banks face mask" to be sure I was getting my story straight as to why he created it before I repeated it for those of you in the "young punk" generation :p

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