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Monday, August 24, 2009

Riding Safely in a Violent World

If you haven't been hit or crashed a bike before you're the lucky one and if you've lived through an accident you're luckier still. After hearing of another crash today, and it wasn't the rider's fault, its truely a sobering reality that as cautious as you may be you're never safe on the road. All you can do is ride the best you know how and pray you're number doesn't come up any sooner than its supposed to.


MUERTE H.C. said...

yep, caught that one behind me got taken out my a Maserati, spun the other way into oncoming Harbor's a battle, dress for it.

Ogri said...

It's been quite a warm summer here in England. Having ridden motorcycles for 28 years I've come to the conclusion that to be comfortable and cool is the most important thing in hot weather.
I'm sick and tired of being slowly poached in a full face helmet and leathers to the point where I can't think straight and start riding aggresively..
I now wear jeans and a t-shirt when it's hot and a helmet I made out of a kitchen colander (pics available!)
I've also come to the conclusion that Risk is the most attractive thing about riding motorcycles. The greater the risk the greater the experience. I'm happy with a low/moderate level of experience so I ride accordingly when dressed for summer heat.
Great blog by the way - keep it up.

MUERTE H.C. said...

Oh believe me Ogri I have a yen for risk same as the next guy but when it comes to that split second when "they" don't look, I'd rather have the smooth feel of leather on the asphalt and my ankles safely tucked inside the boots...and if you're not cool enough, you're not going fast enough :):):):):)

Ogri said...

"if you're not cool enough, you're not going fast enough "

Hehe,, I like that, maybe that's where I'm going wrong!

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