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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sporty Primary Cover o' Mystery???

Ok, so I picked up this cover on Ebay for no other reason but curiosity. It was reasonable and I was talking with Mason and neither of us could figure out the maker, year, etc. From what little I've read, K models had a cast primary, not the sheet metal variety like this one which resembles a late 50's Sportster cover. That cover has some fins where this one is smooth and has the diamond at center. I don't know if its a since forgotton piece of junk or an early one off but its an interesting wall hanger nonetheless.


Irish Rich said...

Paughco diamond-style '58-'69 XLCH.

They still make them.

Stretch said...

I see what you mean. I was looking through the 2008 catalog online and its on page 165. Bummer!

MUERTE H.C. said...

naw, no bummer, I know a certain someone that has a 45 and was looking for an outer primary to mod when that lime trans gets in there...hit me up if you want to off it Stretch...or if you need drywall screws to hang it.

Stretch said...

Sure thing!

Chris K said...

Hey, Don't forget they also make those 45 primaries with a big twin derby. H-D never did that either. Remember to Look before you leap.

Doug Klassen said...

No bummer, Stretch, now you can turn it into a garage clock and not feel guilty about poking a hole in cover. Or better yet, fasten an old fashioned bottle opener to the big end and put the thing on the wall by your 'fridge. Opportunity to be creative here. Get creative enough and you can call it "art" and re-sell it on Ebay and double your money. ;-)

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