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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, this weekend wasn't super productive in terms of making some real progress towards finishing the triumph but I was able to get a few things done. I had to sand off about three inches of paint from the rear legs for fitment of the triple clamp (it pays to give your painter full instructions which I didn't and forgot tell him not to paint this portion of the legs). Mason helped me get the springer compressed to add the top springs and I spent a a few good hours today freeing up a seized rocker stud and lubed up the rockers. Minus the addition of the ride control and having pinstriped lines to help blend the paint to bare metal section of the rear legs the springer is ready to go. I did get 98% of the chrome back on Saturday and it all looked great except I'm going see if the pipes can be redone with silver solder first to help better blend the straight and rippled sections (or maybe I'll just run them as is and have them figured out later). Oh yeah, thanks to Dennis for helping me with the final frame prep before everything goes back in. Tank and fender paint are both still in the works.

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