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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pipe Update

First of all thanks to Richard and Dave for the fix suggestions on the right side pipe. I ended up taking the pipe to John at Banzai Machine today and he welded up the split but unfortunately the separation seam line is gone now (not sure what type of rod he used but it looked like brass). After bringing the the pipe to Brightworks for chrome at noon I asked the owner to try and recut the seam line if possible, but not go too deep. The moral of the story is should have used Richard's Cal Modified rippled sections as mine unfortunately are old, rusty, and brittle and I'm not sure how they will hold up on the road. Only time will tell. I'll post an update with photos of the finished chrome pipes soon as I should have the remainder of my plating and polishing back on Friday 08/07/09.

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