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Monday, April 16, 2012

1960's Detroit Autorama Photos

Below you will find some spectacular color and black & white photos from mid to late 60's Autorama Shows.  I have attached links below to each of the pictures for quick viewing as they are all copy protected but are very cool and might give someone an idea for a period correct show bike.  Thanks to Rene for shooting over this link a while back.

1964 Detrioit Autorama Photos

The "Paragon" - 1961 FLH Harley Davidson Custom Dresser
Candy Apple Green BSA Swingarm Custom
1954 Vincent Black Shadow Cafe Custom
The "Eater" - 1959 Harley Panhead Custom
"Purple Passion" - 1961 Triumph Swingarm Custom
Lil' Dude - BSA Swingarm Custom (Photo 1)
Lil' Dude - BSA Swingarm Custom (Photo 2)
Harley Panhead Custom (w/ Show Chrome)
Sump'in Else - Harley K-Model Drag Bike
The "Hustler" - Pre-unit Triumph Drag Bike
Triumph Pre-unit Triumph Grand Prix Drag Bike

1964 Detroit Lightguard Armory Auto Show Photos

The "Prophet" - Triumph Pre-unit Swingarm Custom

1965 Michigan State Fair Coliseum Auto Show Photos

The "Vandal" - 1960 Pre-unit Triumph Swingarm Custom
The "Two Timer" - 1955 BSA Swingarm Custom
"Social Outcast" - 1956 Pre-unit Triumph Swingarm Custom

1966 Detroit Autorama Photos

The "Sadist" - 1962 Pre-unit Swingarm Cafe Custom
1966 Harley Sportster Custom
1967 Harley Electra-Glide "Shovel" Dresser
Batman - 1966 Harley Sportster Custom
BSA Swingarm Street Custom
Sinners Pre-unit Triumph Swingarm Mild Custom
BSA Single Swingarm Custom (Goldstar?)
Triumph Pre-unit Swingarm Custom (w/ Dave Mann / Roth Prints)
"Ecstasy" - 1966 Harley FLH Electra Glide Custom

1967 Montreal / Ontario Autorama & Hot Rod Show Photos

Triumph Pre-unit Bonneville Swingarm Custom

1968 Cleveland Autorama Photos

"Rain Taxer" - 1946 Harley 45 Trike

Chicago Autorama Photos - 1968 - 1970

The "Grave Digger" - Pre-unit Triumph Drag Bike


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