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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keith Moore of Moore's Cycle Center Passed Today

I was saddened to hear of Keith's passing today on the Born Loser MC blog (see pictures of Keith Moore). Moore's Cycle Center was the one-stop shop for any Triumph Parts you needed, pre-unit or unit and anyone with a Triumph in Southern California knew Keith. I remember his Lucky Strike unfiltered cigarettes he smoked in the shop as well as the complimentary pretzel sticks. Keith was always very helpful and had a good sense of humor as well as a great stock of needed parts.

My most notable memories of Keith were him joking with me about taking forever to get my bike running, which was true, as well as I recall riding in years ago on a stock 1956 T-110 with just the header pipes and Keith said, " Now that's how a Triumph is supposed to sound!".

He will be missed by many. (Below is one of his business cards I have had stashed away in my wallet.)

If you would like to attend Keith's viewing, funeral, or read his obituary click HERE!

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