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Sunday, October 25, 2009

1968 Robt. Williams / Roth Choppers Magazine Ad

Here's the advertisement on the second page of the 1968 Roth's Custom Bike / Choppers Magazine drawn by Robert Williams. Again it appears Roth was looking to change the magazine name from Choppers to Custom Bike Magazine which must have been a short lived idea which may have ended with this issue. Any information behind this identity swap would be welcome!


Chris K said...

Look up these old Choppers magazine posts on my blog.
They address the Custom Bike/Chopper issues with comments and help from Irish Rich.

Chris K said...

Looks like the links I gave screwed up. Just search my Roth labels.

Stretch said...

Chris - The links worked just fine and thanks for information! I've only owned issue #1 which I recently sold and now this Sept '68 Issue. I wish somebody who owned all the issues would get with Roth's son and run an anthology book in limited issue of the entire contents of all the '67-'71 issues. That will probably never happen though!

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