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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Fistful of Dynamite / Duck You Sucker

This Harley has me stumped. At first I thought it was a JD but the springer is not a JD type and the support bar on the handlebars is throwing me off as well. I'll try to find a complete shot of the bike in order to showcase the motor but if anyone here has the details please feel free to share. I'll have to say I'm interested to see the movie as I've only watched the earlier Leone Spaghetti Westerns thus far.

Thanks to Ogri for the photo link and Jeff for emailing this picture!


Ogri said...

I think I read somewhere it was a 1933 J model. Maybe they uprated the front end to make it a bit more reliable during filming.
Better pic here:

Stretch said...

Ogri - Thanks for the info! I'm sure you're correct as the front end does appear to have been swapped for a later one. It almost looks like an I-beam springer but I can't see close enough to tell.

Chris K said...

It's a flathead, not a J model. Might be a 45 c.i. RL or DL with a custom tank and fenders from a J model to make it look older.

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