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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Steve McQueen's Triumph Desert Race Bike

Here's a cool little article about one of Steve Mcqueen's desert racing Triumphs from a June 1964 Cycle World Magazine. Check out that accessory skid plate as Paul of Show & Go has posted old original ads for those!

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Arthur said...

I know I am 5 years late since this was posted (but hey, what's 5 years on a total of 50 years when these pics were taken?), but I hope someone is still reading this. I want to buy the image of Steve McQueen on his Triumph in the desert for a buddy of mine who turned 50 this month (June). So the picture actually appeared in the June 1964 issue of Cycle World and is therefore a perfect match! I searched and searched and searched the Internet, but cannot find any online store that sells this image. Does anybody know where to buy it or (alternative) obtain a high-res copy? Thanks!

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