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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Additional Larry Watson Custom Motorcycle Photos - Rik Hoving - Larry Howard's Glittercycle

Thanks to Rene for sending over the Rik Hoving owned Larry Watson photo of the "Glittercycle" by Larry Howard. Also added was this cool custom fender picture. For additional Larry Watson photos check out Larry Watson's Personal Photo Collection!


epinut said...

Yes, those LW pics are simply great! I sure would like to see the whole Watson bike file, seems like there are 94 pics in it, looked though... I asked about it & he said they were meant for future magazine features etc, bummer...

Stretch said...

Epinut - I asked about it too as it looked to me as if there were over 200 photos and he sent me some thumbnails. Those pictures are priceless. Anyhow if the bike pictures are used for mag features I'd love to know which magazines they would be used in so I could pick up a copy of each.

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