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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dave Mann's "Hollywood Run" - 1966 Ed Roth Biker Poster Series

My favorite of the Roth/Mann posters by far is "Hollywood Run." If you're looking for inspiration for your build look no further than this Choppers Magazine era poster series!


Theo said...

Question for ya: I love all of Mann's Roth-era posters--but the ones on eBay are all reprints. Are they decent reprints, in your opinion?

Stretch said...
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Stretch said...

Theo - I would NOT go for any of the reprints. Mine are all original prints and though they each have some minor flaws they look much better than the reprints. Let me know which one(s) you're looking for as I know a guy that has a few but they would be $75.00 each. I'm still looking for a more pristine version of "Blackboard Cafe" for my little collection.

Ironhand Cycles said...

A classic piece of biker art (well, all the David Mann posters are, but I especially like this one). Thanks for posting!

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