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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

East Side Story Compilation Oldies LPs

I picked these up at the swapmeet on Saturday!


jimmy monk said...

These are excellent,
what's the story on them?

Stretch said...

Jimmy - I think these came out in the 1970's and there were at least 14 in the series. The music is classic oldies that the guy's bump in their lowriders. My friend Victor of 1939 Clothier has a nice collection of 12 East Side Story original LP's and you can see the link to his post on them at . Apparently there is a cd version too but the cd's supposedly have different tracks than the lps and aren't as good. Unfortunately thats all I know about them.

Stretch said...

I stand corrected as there are only twelve (12) LP's in the series and not fourteen (14).

Macabre5150 said...

Qvo Stretch,
I happened to stumble upon this blog, to my surprise you were talking about the eastside story volumes. There are actually 15 albums 12 orignal volumes and 3 gold series. The orignal 12 volumes were relesed in 1970, the 3 gold series in 1980 but still part of the orignal set. Your right there is another eastside story relesed in the mid 90's by eastside/ Thump records which now focus on chicano rap. I happen to own all the variations of these sets, the orignal is still the best.

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