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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cycle Outpost's New "Parts Department" is Open 4 Business!

The Cycle Outpost has had its "Parts Department" up since last weekend and they've already sold about half of their offerings. Above is an example of one of the gems still available, a Junior / Pony Scout front end which is the same front end Dean Lanza lengthened and used on his immaculate "Quicksilver" show bike. Check out Cycle Outpost's "Parts Dept" for everything from Flanders Risers to Guide Lights and other scare gems for your scooter! Those interested in the rare off-set knucklehead Dice shift knobs need to check out the Cycle Outpost as the Outpost is hand-casting premium quality reproductions in very limited quantities! You can visit the Cycle Outpost at the link on the blog list above!

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