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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Triangle Headlights - Three Versions

As you can see, there are three versions of a triangle headlight here. The leftmost one the 70s no-name, the middle is the AEE version, and the rightmost is the Aris model. Note that the wrinked metal corners appear on the no-name and only slightly on the AEE version, whereas the Aris model has a nice flow to it. Also, as you can see, only the Aris has the logo marked on the glass lens.

On this profile shot the no-name is first, the Aris is second, and the AEE is third. Both the Aris and AEE are notably more slender than the no-name. However, the AEE is the only model to be sandwiched with blue plastic, which I'm sure looks killer while riding at night!

From the back is the no-name at left, the AEE center, and the Aris at right. Note how the Aris and AEE headlights have a more angled back whereas the no-name looks very square.

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AEE Choppers said...

I worked at AEE as a parts man and as I remember it we got our triangle lights from Aris. Now they might have been plain labeled for us but they were Aris lights.

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