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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Old Photos!

I sure don't know the story on this bike but its super cool nonetheless and from way back in the day! (from old JJ post)

David Mann's Panhead from 1964 (

Dave Man's panhead from 1965! (courtesy of A. Cobbs)

Dave Mann and panhead with CCE dish pans. (from David Mann website)

Tom Fugle's panhead from 1964! (courtesy of A. Cobbs)

Fugle's bike in 1964 again! (courtesy of A. Cobbs)

Fugle's bike as drawn by David Mann from (

Nice pre-unit mild custom from an old black & white photograph found on Ebay!

Another nice mild custom pre-unit from 1957 photo. (listed on Ebay)

Cool old chopper postcard from Ebay!

1 comment:

ndnladyz said...

Just want to thank you for your post. My ol' man is Tom Fugle and its inspired him to get some of his work out their for other generations to enjoy and also reaffirming how cool their choppers are even today

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