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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bates Leathers & Accessories (of Long Beach, CA)

I think I saw the ribbed / pleated seats in an old 60s motorcycle magazine selling for $29.95. Its crazy what they're selling for nowadays on Ebay! How about that red & white p-pad? So cool!

Mufflers, mirrors, and saddlebags; not to mention the best leathers from back in the day in my opinion. Bates of California definitely made some cool cycle supplies!

60s Bates garment tag. I love the script letters and racing flags on tag!

Rider with killer bates racing vest from the 1950s! Check out that cool racing script under the Bates logo!(from Heros HD book)

The back of an old ABC Leathers jacket I used to own and wear while riding my 1956 T-110 Triumph. Bates bought ABC Leathers in the late 60s.

Cool picture from a Bates photo ad in a mid 60s Cycle Guide magazine. Thats interesting how the girl has a leopard collar on her jacket. I've never seen that before on a Bates! Interesting!

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