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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vern's Reversed Head Triumph (Best Triumph Ever Built Period!)

Vern's triumph in its late 60s form with gas and oil tanks on sissybar. I'll have to find the article from a 1968 Roth's Choppers Magazine to add with this. This picture comes from How good is that dayglo axe sticking in the tree? Great display!

Nice shot from a 1968 Roth's Choppers Magazine!

More from the same Choppers article!

The shot above comes from the 1986 August or October Easyrider Magazine. Though not visible in the picture the sissybar has been detached at this point. I have heard Vern used to ride with a backpack full of gasoline (as possibly oil?) before fabricating the tubular sissybar tanks. Crazy!

1971 advertisement from Vern's shop! (early 70s Chopper related mag)

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