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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Louie Lopez's 1946 Triumph Show Bike (Early 60s Car Craft)

I believe it was this bike that inspired the 1964 Revell Triumph Custom Show Bike Model Kit from the 60s. Both are nearly identical!

Nice detail color photo from a 1963 Cycle World Mag! Notice the MCM domed finned rocker cap on the trans, pure class!

More from the Cycle World article!

Here's a picture of the kit!

Revell promo poster for Triumph Custom Show Bike

At right is a built version of the triumph kit I did with Fonzie standing directly behind! 16" Firestone drag slick and steering dampener both came from the 1964 Triumph drag bike kit (see below)!

Here's a Revell Triumph 1/25 scale model kit just for kicks from Ebay!

Just for grins, the blue Harley Knucklehead model in the diorama three photos above was built from a Revell LA Street Chopper 1960s kit. The extended springer, shown in Ira Dahm's 1974 "Trion" trike above, was the same one I had to work with though I shortened mine considerably to achieve a stock, deraked stance!

There's the box from the late 60s LA Street Chopper kit!

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