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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rollerball - Circa 1975

I'd never seen Rollerball before until last weekend when I received the movie from Netflix but I'll have to say I really enjoyed it and dug the bikes. The motorcycles reminded me as a cross between speedway bikes and road racers and they were loud and most definitely running straight pipes. The wooden banked track looked similar to a bike velodrome or a more banked version of the old boardtracks. The helmets the players wore were pretty interesting too as they appeared to be 70s motorcycle 3/4 helmets fitted with old football two bar facemasks, a combo that worked well together!


Super71 said...

Yes,I saw in the movies with my folks,I don't know if thats good or bad.

Geoff said...

Open face helmets with a football bar (but one that can withstand a crash) could be quite good for summer riding.
You could do Jack Nicholson Impressions.

Stretch said...

Geoff - I have considered trying that look but I can't seem to find an old 1-bar or 2-bar face mask thats steel. I think Riddell did them back in the 50s but I would think they might still be around as those field goal kicker guys typically wear that variety. Correctly drilled and bolted on to an early 70s Bell RT would make for a pretty cool look; nice small fitting helmet with football facemask!

Randall Ensley said...

Rollerball! You know the image of the Asian movie poster I haven't seen on the internet larger than the one you posted. I love that one!

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