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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seven Years and Finally Heading Down the Home Stretch - My 1951 Triumph 6T Rigid

I had originally planned on keeping this bike undercover until completion but since a few other guys are sharing what they have to offer, I think its only fair that I post some pictures of my project. I can't say that any one part on this bike is beyond rare but the original cast racing rear section that lengthens the cycle 3" and lowers it by 2" (note the straight line running down the top tube which generally kicks down at the original rigid section connection) was my one best find and sold to me by a nice guy on the Jockey Journal. Other notable parts include 4" original ripple pipe sections mated to aftermarket 6T pipes and Superior racing cones, and a 1960 Bonneville Head going to finned extension ports with 389 & 689 Amals. Rear fender has been radius cut, all motor mounts and brake pedal are race drilled, narrow HD springer is the same as on Vern's Triumph with reversed heads but aftermarket scissor ride control has been added, screw-in flanders risers, wassell tank with molding (pictures to come soon), bates show white with black diamond seat and white leather p-pad (to come), and tiger cub brake on 21" Borrani (see earlier post) to replace the spooled Borrani up front. Rear wheel is a WM-2 x 19 Dunlop with NOS Avon GP Tire. More pictures to come as bike progresses! (Thanks to John of Banzai Machine, Rodney Aguiar, Mark Drews, Gabe Griffin, Pokey Kennedy, Chris Wiggins, and Dr. John's for the nice fabrication work to date!)


Show and Go Cycle Shop said...

NEAT! Painted and chromed it's gonna rule. Nice one.

krazy kevin said...

Looking Good. I have a 57 Trumpet on the back burner as well. Is that a VL or JD harley springer? Vern's reversed head bike is on the top of my favorites! Looking to see more posts of yours as you progress! Thanks 4 the tip on Mels Monster, snagged a copy that 4 myself that same week.

Stretch said...

Fork is off a 20s Harley single.

Stretch said...

Kevin glad you found the magazine. Also that '57 Triumph sounds really cool as I had a '56 T-110 back in 2000 and I never should have gotten rid of that thing as it had the nacelle and was pretty much bone stock.

ZZ chop said...

cool to finally see what you are building!

Throwback said...

Looks great man. I dig the friction dampner thing you set up there. Is that a deraked frame that front wheel comes awfully close to to the frame.

Stretch said...

Throwback - The springer sits stock like that, type in Vern's Triumph on the blog, and thats how he ran it. You see the triumph forks have rake in them as the stem is set back from the fork but since the springer is inline it lessens the wheel distance. Hopefully it should be ok. I dig the look but it is probably within a couple of inches (wheel to frame)!

Stretch said...

Throwback - I more thing, with the friction dampener functioning it would be hard to get much more than an inch of travel out of that front end. Stretch

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