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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mark Drew's Triumph Pre-unit Rigid in Desert Paradise

Here's a great shot taken by Drew's of his machine over a year ago but the scene could be from the late 50s/early 60s. This snapshot in time beautifully captures the motorcycle Mark built to specifications of a favorite Triumph street custom as showcased in rare footage from a late 50s car show. The peanut tank is especially unique as it is about an 1" narrower than a standard wassell peanut tank but dimensionally similar in both shape and appearance (the wassell tank's little brother)!


TXDENNIS said...

I have one of those tanks... you'll see em advertised as 1.8 rather than 2.0 gal wassel/hap jones in earlier mags

Stretch said...

Dennis - I'd love to find one of those tanks myself and would pay $250.00 for a nice one. I'd really be interested in seeing the original ad and it would be cool to photograph the 1.8 gallon and 2.0 gallon tanks side by side for a comparison!

epinut said...

"Earlier mags" as in how early?

MUERTE H.C. said...

ahhhh the desert of coastal california :):):):)

Stretch said...

Its the only coastal desert lot I know of but heck it looks like Palm Springs!

circus leo said...

mark drewes = pure STYLO

TXDENNIS said...

I'll dig around & find the ad... the ad didn't have a pic if I remember correctly, but I can take a pic of mine next to a 2.0g one..

guinessplease said...

wow that is a beauty. anybody know where i could get some bars like that? i'm guessin they're flanders??

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